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Yes. A Discovery Flight is basically as short flight lesson. During this time you will:

  • Have a short pre-flight briefing with an Instructor
  • Climb on board the aircraft with you seated in the left pilot’s seat and your Instructor will demonstrate how to taxi
  • Your Instructor will perform the take-off and once airborne and away from the airport you will take control and and fly
  • Your flight will last approximately ½ hour and upon returning to the airport your instructor will perform the landing
  • After the flight your Instructor will answer any further questions that you may have

We are located at an airport that has the right amount and mix of aircraft using the airport…light aircraft, commercial aircraft and military trainers. Our practice area is close by which means a reduced amount of time to start your flight lessons. We have highly skilled and trained Instructors who dedicate lots of one-on-one time with each student. Our learning environment is one of encoragement, guidance, safety and fun.

You can start flying a almost any age, but there are practical limitations.

  • At age 14 you are able to fly student solo
  • At age 16 you are able to get a Recreational Pilot Permit
  • At age 17 you are able to get a Private Pilot License
  • At age 18 you are able to get a Commercial Pilot License

Flying requires one to be in good general health, with good eye hand coordination, and an adequate proficiency in the use of the English language. A basic understanding of and practical ability in math is also needed and as well good study habits.

A medical for the Private Pilot License must be taken with an approved Transport Canada doctor.

For the Recreational Pilot Permit a medical authorization from your family doctor will do. We recommend that your medical be done before your training begins or as soon as possible after the start of training in order to ascertain that you meet the medical standards. Your approved medical certificate must be received before you can fly solo.

The minimum requirements and costs are as listed on our Rates page.

A membership in the Regina Flying Club is required for all persons using the facility or receiving flight training. The annual membership fee is $150 and expires on December 31.


No. Most students will pay at the end of each flight lesson. Some students place a sum of money onto their account and fly it down…this allows the student to charge. The only items you will be required to pay for in advance are the ground school and the related books and flying materials.


Everyone works and progresses at their own rate. The Private Pilot License (PPL) course can be completed in anywhere from 8 weeks to 1 or 2 years. Many of our students attend school or work full time while getting their license.

The legal requirements of the PPL course are 40 hours of ground school and 45 hours of flight training, of which at least 17 hours are dual with your Instructor and at least 12 hours solo. The remaining hours will be flown in both the dual and solo mode specific to the training requirements of each student. Please keep in mind that the 45 hours is the Transport Canada legal minimum requirement. The average time to complete the flying portion of the PPL training can be anywhere from 60 to 65 hours. Upon the completion of flying training you will be required to pass a flight test in order to qualify for issuance of the license. The RFC has a Pilot Examiner on staff.

You may commence flying training immediately after enrollment. You do not have to wait to finish ground school before you start flying. Your Instructor will conduct a briefing with you prior to and after flights.

The Private Pilot License ground school is held Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. We operate 4 ground schools per year from September to June… each school is 9 weeks in duration. Topics covered are Theory of Flight, Air Regulations, Meteorology and Navigation.

We offer complete training for the Recreational Pilot Permit, the Private and Commercial Pilot Licenses and the Night, Multi-Engine, Instrument, and Instructor Ratings. We are affiliated with the Sask Polytechnic Commercial Pilot Diploma Program.

You may email us at, call us at the Regina Flying Club at 525-6194, fax us at 525-6196 or drop by 2610 Airport Road, Regina, Saskatchewan S4W 1A3. We would like to thank you for choosing the Regina Flying Club to fulfill your dreams.

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