Our flying club staff are friendly, helpful, and passionate about aviation.

Mike Meehan

Class 2 Flight Instructor

Shane Flaman

Class 3 Flight Instructor

Kris Clay

Class 3 - Flight Instructor

Nishant Patel

Class 3 Flight Instructor

Holden Yan

Class 4 Instructor - Part Time

Tom Ray

Flight Test Examiner - Class 1 Instructor, Chief Pilot

Dave Atkinson

Class 2 Flight Instructor - Part Time

Kurt Schulz

Class 4 - Flight Instructor - Part Time

Jim Thompson

Class 1 - Flight Instructor - Part Time

Rylan Grubb

Flight School Manager, Chief Flight Instructor Class 1 Instructor

Alicia Moffatt

Office Manager

James Topinka

General Manager

Dallas Rosin

Lead Ramp Attendant

Muhammad Jamal

Ramp Attendant

Our Team Is Here For You

The Regina Flying Club (RFC) is a premier flight training facility at the Regina International Airport, training dozens of new pilots every year.