Our flying club staff are friendly, helpful, and passionate about aviation.

Mike Meehan

Class 2 Flight Instructor

Shane Flaman

Class 3 Flight Instructor

Kris Clay

Class 3 - Flight Instructor

Nishant Patel

Class 3 Flight Instructor

Holden Yan

Class 4 Instructor - Part Time

Tom Ray

Flight Test Examiner - Class 1 Instructor, Chief Pilot

Kurt Schulz

Class 4 - Flight Instructor - Part Time

Jim Thompson

Class 1 - Flight Instructor - Part Time

Rylan Grubb

Flight School Manager, Chief Flight Instructor Class 1 Instructor

Alicia Moffatt

Office Manager

James Topinka

General Manager

Dallas Rosin

Lead Ramp Attendant

Muhammad Jamal

Ramp Attendant

Tavis Harrison

Ramp Attendant

Our Team Is Here For You

The Regina Flying Club (RFC) is a premier flight training facility at the Regina International Airport, training dozens of new pilots every year.