Regina Flying Club operates an advanced fleet of aircraft to provide flight training for all levels.

Cessna 172

No matter what standard you use to measure, the Cessna 172 is the most successful aircraft in history. With over 43,000 units built, the Cessna 172 boasts the longest running production model of any aircraft.

Piper Seneca II

The Piper Seneca II is a complex light twin aircraft with retractable gear, making it the perfect training aircraft for students ready to take the leap from singles.

Redbird FMX

The Redbird FMX’s full motion platform and wrap-around visual offers amazing realism and revolutionary training capability. It enhances our PPL, CPL and Multi-IFR training programs and not only produces safer pilots, but also reduces training costs.

Our Team Is Here For You

The Regina Flying Club (RFC) is a premier flight training facility at the Regina International Airport, training dozens of new pilots every year.