Private Pilot Licence

Private Pilot Licence – Program Requirments

(1) Age
An applicant shall be a minimum of seventeen years of age.

(2) Medical Fitness
(a) An applicant shall hold a Category 3 Medical Certificate valid for a Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplanes:
(i) where an applicant holds a Category 4 Medical Certificate for the purpose of a Student Pilot Permit, the applicant shall upgrade to a Category 3 Medical Certificate prior to making application for the Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplane.
(b) The licence is maintained by a valid Category 1 or 3 Medical Certificate.

(3) Knowledge
An applicant shall have:
(a) completed a minimum of 40 hours private pilot aeroplane ground school instruction on the following subjects:
(i) Canadian Aviation Regulations,
(ii) Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight,
(iii) Meteorology,
(iv) Airframes, Engines and Systems,
(v) Flight Instruments,
(vi) Radio and Electronic Theory,
(vii) Navigation,
(viii) Flight Operations,
(ix) Licensing Requirements, and
(x) Human Factors, including pilot decision-making; and
(b) obtained a minimum of 60% in each of the following four mandatory subject areas as well as in the overall written examination Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplane (PPAER):
(i) Air Law – regulations, rules and orders, air traffic services, practices and procedures, and licensing requirements relevant to the licence;
(ii) Navigation – navigation, radio aids and electronic theory;
(iii) Meteorology;
(iv) Aeronautics – General Knowledge – airframes, engines and systems, theory of flight, flight instruments and flight operations.

(4) Experience
(a) An applicant shall have completed a minimum of 45 hours private pilot flight training in aeroplanes under the direction and supervision of the holder of a Flight Instructor Rating – Aeroplane. A maximum 5 of the 45 hours may be conducted on an approved aeroplane simulator or flight training device.
(b) The flight training shall include a minimum of:
(i) 17 hours dual instruction flight time, including a minimum of 3 hours cross-country flight time and 5 hours of instrument time of which a maximum of 3 hours may be instrument ground time; and
(ii) 12 hours solo flight time, including 5 hours cross-country flight time with a flight of a minimum of 150 nautical miles which shall include 2 full stop landings at points other than the point of departure.

(5) Skill
Within the 12 months preceding the date of application for the licence, an applicant shall successfully complete a flight test as pilot-in-command of an aeroplane in accordance with “Flight Test for the Issuance of a Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplane” of Standard 428 – Conduct of Flight Tests.

Fees & Tuition

Dual Instruction: 33 hrs @$224 = $7392
Solo Flight Time: 12 hrs @$157 = $1884
Ground Briefing: 10 hrs @$67 = $335
Tuition Fees: $400
Books: $250
RFC Membership: $160
Total Minimum Cost: $10,756

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