Course Rates

All prices are quoted based on the Transport Canada minimum requirement for training and license, permit or rating issuance. Individual students may fly more than the minimum hours to qualify for issuance of the permit, license or rating and therefore prices will vary.

Private Pilot License

NOTE: The costs indicated are for aircraft rental at $157.00 per hour excluding GST. A student may choose to train in a different aircraft and the cost will vary in accordance with the current rental rate for each aircraft.

DUAL INSTRUCTION: 33 hours @ $224.00$7,392.00
SOLO FLIGHT TIME: 12 hours @ $157.00$1,884.00
GROUND BRIEFING: 10 hours @ $67.00$670.00
TUITION FEES: ($400.00) BOOKS: ($250.00)$650.00
R.F.C. MEMBERSHIP (mandatory) (may be pro-rated)$160.00
TOTAL MINIMUM LICENSE COST (Taxes not included)$10,756.00

Commercial Pilot License

NOTE: To be eligible for issuance of the Commercial Pilot License one must have a minimum of 200 total hours of flight time. The prices below do not reflect the amount of build-up time to achieve this 200-hour requirement, and only reflect the applicable minimum training requirements.

DUAL INSTRUCTION: 35 hours @ $232.00$8,120.00
SOLO FLIGHT TIME: 30 hours @ $157.00$4,710.00
GROUND SCHOOL SUPPLIES (Minimum Cost)$250.00
TOTAL MINIMUM COST (GST not included):$13,080.00

Night Rating

DUAL INSTRUCTION: 11 hours @ $232.00$2,552.00
SOLO FLIGHT TIME: 5 hours @ $157.00$785.00
GROUND BRIEFING: 1 hour @ $75.00$75.00
TOTAL MINIMUM COST (GST not included):$3,412.00

Multi-Engine Rating

DUAL INSTRUCTION: 10 hours @ $465.00$4,650.00
GROUND BRIEFING: 3 hours @ $ 75.00$225.00
TOTAL MINIMUM COST (GST not included):$4,875.00

Instrument Rating

As costs will be dependent upon each individual's previous experience and currency price quotes may be obtained upon request. In addition, the Instrument Rating may be acquired on either a single or multi-engine airplane. Flight time on our approved flight simulator may reduce the total cost of the rating. Manuals are extra - as required.

Instructor Rating

DUAL INSTRUCTION: 30 hours @ $232.00$6,960.00
GROUND BRIEFING: 25 hours @ $ 75.00$1,875.00
FLIGHT TEST: 1 hour @ $157.00 (for aircraft)$157.00
TOTAL MINIMUM COST (GST not included):$8,992.00

Aircraft Rentals

(1) Hourly Prices effective January 01, 2021
(2) All rates include fuel and oil
(3) GST is not included.
(4) Any transborder flights may be charged either at a dry or wet rate. (ADSB Equipped Aircraft C-GFWN)
(5) RFC policy sets a $3 aircraft improvement fee charged on each flight.
(6) RFC policy sets a $10 surcharge for night flying

CESSNA 150$157.00
CESSNA 172$177.00
CESSNA 172M (180 hp)$180.00
Piper Seneca Turbo charged$390.00

Private Aircraft Instructor Rate

RFC instructor needs to be added on Insurance, see RFC Staff for details.

Private Aircraft Instructor Rate$80.00